The Plant Detective
8:00 am
Fri February 7, 2014

Milk Thistle I

February 8th, 2014: Compounds in milk thistle keep toxins out of liver cells, stimulating liver repair and exerting antioxidant power. Milk thistle can also reverse the effects of amanita mushroom poisoning.

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Propane Shortage
5:21 pm
Thu February 6, 2014

State boosts funding for LIEAP households due to propane shortage

Gov. Steve Bullock (D-MT)

  The state is temporarily boosting the amount of money given to households in the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program that are heated by propane.

Propane prices have skyrocketed in recent weeks, up to $5 dollars per gallon or more in some parts of the state. That’s more than double prices from last year, due to propane shortages in the Midwest.

Governor Steve Bullock authorized the increase in assistance, which comes from the budget of the Department of Public Health and Human Services.

About 13 percent of Montana households are heated by propane.

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Climate change
1:00 pm
Thu February 6, 2014

The relationship of climate change to poverty is complex

Environmental scholar and scientist Diana Liverman
Credit University of Arizona

A leading environmental scholar and climate change scientist, Diana Liverman, is in Missoula this week to lecture at the University of Montana.

Liverman teaches geography at the University of Arizona, and is co-director of the Institute of the Environment there. She's written several books and articles on the impacts of climate change, and how to adapt to it.
    In this feature interview, Liverman talks with News Director Sally Mauk about her 30-plus years' interest in our changing climate and what we should be doing about it.

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12:52 pm
Thu February 6, 2014

Missoula armed robbery causes lockdown

Robbery suspect photo from Taco Bell

Police continue to search for a lone suspect involved in two armed robberies on Broadway in Missoula. The University of Montana campus is no longer on lockdown but the armed suspect is still at large. Check updates below for the latest information.

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Wednesday Special
10:53 am
Thu February 6, 2014

Starlee Kine presents: Dr. Phil

Phil Collins

2/12/2014 - This is a story she did for This American Life and it won the Gold Prize at the Third Coast Audio Festival, which was incredibly exciting.  She learned how to write a break-up song to get over her break-up.  The story is about heartbreak and wallowing and sadness and how songs make you stay sad, but in a good way.  I hope you like it.

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Reflections West
4:00 pm
Wed February 5, 2014

James Davenport

2/11 & 12/2014 - James reflects on the pros and cons of not "getting" pop-culture references.  He pairs his thoughts with a passage by John Steinbeck.

Keystone XL Protest
3:51 pm
Wed February 5, 2014

Protesters say pipeline jobs not worth environmental costs

Protesters gather in Whitefish 2/3/14 to protest the Keystone XL Pipeline and push for renewable energy.
Credit Katrin Frye

Anti-Keystone X-L Pipeline protests popped up across the state and the country on Monday in response to a recent State Department report. The report came out last week and stated that the Pipeline itself would pose no significant increase to greenhouse gas emissions.         At a protest in Whitefish Steve Thompson with Glacier Climate Action said they wanted to send a clear message against building the Keystone X-L Pipeline.

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Wolf Debate
2:01 pm
Wed February 5, 2014

Wolf debate part of the “culture war”

Credit David Gilkey

Growing up in Montana, Nathan Rott knew wolves were controversial.

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Medicaid Expansion
1:53 pm
Wed February 5, 2014

Just how much would Medicaid expansion cost the state anyway?

Items in parenthesis indicate a negative fiscal impact.
Credit Governor's Office of Budget and Program Planning

Analysis of a new ballot measure seeking to expand Medicaid shows expansion would not cost Montana as much as previously forecast, but the state budget would still take a long-term hit from the so-called “Healthy Montana Initiative.”

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Commentary - February 5th, 2014
1:04 pm
Wed February 5, 2014

Economic Empowerment Program Supports Montanans Competing Globally

In today’s Missoulian, reporter Martin Kidston tells the story of Ngo Ha, a Vietnamese professional currently in the U.S. on a Department of State program.

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