Sojourn highlights the New Age, Celtic Instrumental and World Music genres. This program features new releases, most often in their entirety. Host Joan Richarde plays the full CD as a way of introducing the audience to the artist or group in a more complete way than is generally done on most programs. Sometimes quiet and sometimes more energetic, Sojourn  is locally produced by Montana Public Radio. 

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Night Train

Tuesday night music themes range from humorous to erudite. The subject matter has spanned the quest for money to a multi-week series on Homer’s Odyssey. How does host John Myers come up with thematic music for the Night Flight? He has a massive personal music collection which he has painstakingly cataloged and cross-referenced on computer.

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Ensemble features chamber and orchestral classical music locally produced by Montana Public Radio. 

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Dance Party

From sock hop to hip hop, the Friday Night Dance Party will get you off the couch and moving. It might be slow dances and 50's love songs, 60's rock or soul and 70's funk, techno re-mixes or Tennessee waltzes... it's all about dancin'.

Joan Richarde hosts this program (with occasional help from John Myers and Olivia Sears), locally produced by Montana Public Radio. 

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City Lights

Music from the soul of the, alternative, new psychedelic, music from the 1980's to the present day. City Lights is produced locally by Joan Richarde at Montana Public Radio. 

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Night Flight

Thursday nights take flight with this local program produced by Montana Public Radio. From folk or jazz to the British invasion, tune-in for three hours of music by free association.

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Hearts of Space

Hearts of Space is a mix of ambient, electronic, world, new age, classical and experimental music; recognized as the original, most widely heard, premiere showcase for "contemplative music, broadly defined."

In Other Words

In Other Words features interviews, discussions, and music from a feminist perspective. It is locally produced by Montana Public Radio.

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Morning Edition

Waking up is hard to do, but it’s easier with NPR’s Morning Edition.  Hosts Renee Montagne and Steve Inskeep bring the day’s stories and news to radio listeners on the go. Morning Edition provides news in context, airs thoughtful ideas and commentary, and reviews important new music, books, and events in the arts.  All with voices and sounds that invite listeners to experience the stories. The range of coverage includes reports on the Supreme Court from Nina Totenberg; education from Claudio Sanchez; health coverage from Joanne Silberner; and the latest on national security from Tom Gjelten. Steve and Renee interview newsmakers: from politicians, to academics, to filmmakers.

All Things Considered

All Things Considered provides in-depth reporting that has transformed the way listeners understand current events and view the world. Every weekday, hear two hours of breaking news mixed with compelling analysis, insightful commentaries, interviews, and special - sometimes quirky - features.